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We are Harcourts Taupo Rentals


We're a highly successful, multi-national real estate company and we have the global, national and local connections for manageing and renting real estate. That's the combine resources of thousands of property managers across nine countries. Then there's the avanced systems and training. So our people can recognise every opportunity for their cleints - and step up and grab it!

But there's something else that's been far more important for our success. It's You.

Where do you want to be? And what do you need fro us to get there? As every potential client who reads this will discover - it's our commitment to your results that delivers success to our company. So we won't randomly prescribe rental levels, marketing plans and renting techniques. We'll work with you to find out what you want ot accomplish. Then we'll work our hardest to get there.


We assist you in optimising your income through stategic management


  • We will undertake compreshensive listing notes about your property;
  • We will photograph your property and compose advertising;
  • We will have the property listed on all major real estate websites that we subscribe to within 48 hours of listing your property for rent;
  • We will schedule viewings of your property as required to all prsoepctie tenants until your home is rents (subject to access provided to us by any current occupant);
  • We will erect a 'For Rent' sign on your property within 48 hours of listing (upon request and if signs are permitted);
  • We will subject all applications to:
    • Suitability test and background checks on the appropriate tenancy databases
    • Verification of applicant's former rental references
    • Verification of the applicant's employment
  • We will (unless instructed otherwise) refer all potentially suitable applications to you for approval;
  • We will let your property for the best possible rent (as outlined in your management agreement with us). We will not let your property at a different amount without first obtaining your permission;
  • We will complete and execute the tenancy agreement and give the tenant's possession of your property once the rental applicant process has been approved;
  • We will explain the tenancy agreement with the tenant highlighting their responsibilities and obligations;
  • We will secure all appropriate ingoing costs form the tenant;
  • We will lodge the bond in accordance with legislation;
  • We will forward a copy of the Tenancy Agreement and the property condition report to you upon request;
  • We will have regular contact with you and feedback for your throughout the process.