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Insider Tips - How to Avoid a Bad Tenant

12 Tips to Avoid a Bad Tenant

  1. Always run a comprehensive background check on ALL adults prior to offering a tenancy
  2. Phone the last 2 or 3 landlords for a reference. Verify that the landlords did actually own the property and aren’t just friends or family members of the applicant. 
  3. If you’re uncomfortable after your background checking, say no. 
  4. Keep up with property maintenance so the property is appealing to good tenants
  5. Set a reasonable rent rate as smart tenants know they can do better elsewhere if you’re asking too much.
  6. Don’t fall for a sad story. This is your business. 
  7. Use a written application form so you can collect important information you may need later such as car rego’s, next of kin contact details etc. 
  8. Let them know the frequency with which you plan to conduct your routine inspections so they know you will be calling.
  9. If you are a private landlord, know that bad tenants may seek you out. They know professional property managers work harder on this stuff so they may avoid us and choose you instead!
  10. Be professional, not emotional
  11. Find ways to reward a great tenant, this might be a Christmas gift or saying yes to that kitten