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Insider Tips - How to Avoid Rent Arrears

9 Steps to Avoid Rent Arrears

  1. Always run a comprehensive background check prior to offering a tenancy
  2. Phone prior landlords for references & specifically ask if the rent was always paid on time and in full. If the landlord was a private landlord, find out if they really owned the property. 
  3. If a payment is missed, chase it up the very next day, no matter what.
  4. Nip it in the bud early, try not to get into reasons or stories. Just politely ask that the rent be paid immediately. 
  5. Issue a 14-day notice to remedy if the rent has not been bought up to date. 
  6. Remember, allowing your tenant to get into arrears is doing nobody a favour, including them. 
  7. Do not hesitate to perform any of the above actions. 
  8. Find ways to reward a great tenant